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Learning in the context of our engagements with healthcare professionals, students, and leaders at the municipal level, we offer an ever-growing library of e-learning courses provide the tools and skills to improve the health of the communities in the country. Explore this section to find more opportunities for training and professional development in a variety of health issues. We can combine learning MoreSign with FacebookSorry, at the moment about Facebook. Try again later. At night on Facebook a message a young girls who suffer from cystic fibrosis sent suffer from a young cystic fibrosis, and his two lives are changed forever. A team of doctors from Hong Kong describes a few of the fetus inside the body of a newborn baby apparently an extremely rare medical event. An amputated four 40 years all thank you, during a press conference, presented his two new arm transplants. Their memories will help to separate friends from enemies. Keep in mind that you eat too much ice cream or cheap Tequila drink, remind you how horrible that was the last time that committed. Or do you think? Psychologywhat health does it be healthy? Lifestyle and DiseaseThen time: DiseaseSeven OrdersDon healthy development can not HabitsFollowing patient medical WaitingWhat which means keeping healthy?Psychologists are interested in health the effects of behavior and attitudes in our health, promoting and preserving the health of the population. But what does it mean to be healthy? in 1946, the World Health Organization has determined that health a State of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not only the absence of disease or infirmity. But how many people can a rope about this definition? This version of what it means in good health without doubt creates a realistic goal for the majority of people. Style of life and DiseaseThe how we can affect our lives deeply gripped on our health. These personal habits and ways of life are garcinia cambogia jonesboro ar referred to as pathogenic behavior, because they affect the emergence and progression of the disease. We can see this, if one is to change the pattern of the disease as life style change in the society. Yesterday and today: Change of DiseaseOne before one hundred years, diseases transmissible and infectious than smallpox, measles, and influenza were murderers, much higher than they are today. Today, more deaths are caused by cardiovascular disease, cancer and stroke. And advances in medical science have made a big difference, our choice of life also contributes to the development of the profile of the disease. Seven healthy HabitsThe implementing powers moderation, health of the Greek philosopher Plato believed that where is fast. Plato has now tested in health psychologists. Research shows that the moderation in all things, the key to a long and healthy life. In particular characterized seven healthy habits: not SmokingHaving breakfast and drinks alcoholic eat all Martina more than 1 or 2 per day exercise7 were up to 8 hours of sleep per NightNot between MealsNot, more than 10% of OverweightOne group of people over a period of 25 years be investigated. Mortality had significantly lower than those who followed less than three, who were blocked by the seven habits. After OrdersPeople of the physician, they are more aware than ever what is good for them. But knowledge alone does not lead to changes in behaviour in itself. Also when are sick and not after tips from your medical in medicine many people have. Studies have shown that people rather friendly rapprochement met, when the doctor, communicates with the patient and offers information about their disease and its treatment. Do not hold, the patient is WaitingEven wait long before people see your physician as subject can influence. Many people forced to wait more than 30 minutes to see a doctor, are reluctant to follow the advice of your doctor. Treatment in one study observed only 31% of the damage suffered. In contrast to 67% of the population, which remained within 30 minutes of waiting, I am very glad to obey, the orders of the doctor .